CfA: Self-Deception Conference

Conference: Self-Deception: what it is and what it is worth

University of Basel (Switzerland)
25-26-27th October 2017


 Anne Meylan
Marie van Loon
Melanie Sarzano

Invited Speakers

Keith Frankish (Open University UK, University of Crete)

Alfred Mele (Florida State University)

Dana Nelkin (University of California, San Diego)

Elizabeth Pacherie (Institut Jean-Nicod)

Christine Tappolet (University of Montréal)

Neil Van Leeuwen (Georgia State University)

What is self-deception?

  • What is self-deception?
  • What distinguishes self-deception from other forms of irrational states?
  • Which kinds of cognitive states are involved in self-deception? 
  • How does self-deception relate to emotions and desires? 
  • How does self-deception relate to deception?

What is self-deception’s worth?

  • What is ‘so bad’ about self-deception? 
  • Relatively to which norms of beliefs, do self-deceptive beliefs constitute a kind of epistemic failure?
  • Can self-deception be ‘good’ or rational?
  • Is self-deception pathological?
  • Are we responsible and/or blameworthy for being self-deceived?
This conference will also be hosting  the “Colloque Jeunes Chercheurs” of the SoPhA (Société de Philosophie Analytique)
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