New Perspectives on Self-Deception (Université de Montréal)

In November 2016 our team went to a lovely, enriching workshop on Self-deception in Montréal organised by Christine Tappolet and Martina Orlandi!

Marie van Loon presented her work on ‘Responsibility for Self-deception’ and its ties with doxastic responsibility, Melanie Sarzano presented a talk on ‘Varieties of Irrationality: the case of self-deception’ and suggested ways of improving a deflationary account of self-deception, Martina Orlandi presented ways of ‘Undeceiving Ourselves’, thereby rethinking the success of intentionalism and motivationism, and Aude Bandini gave a talk on ‘Willfull Ignorance and Self-Deception’ in which she provided arguments against Lynch’s distinction between the two notions.

The GRIN research group also invited Anne Meylan to give a talk on ‘Cognitive Normativity: Metaphysical Issues’.

Our thanks to all the organisers and participants, as well as to Sarah Stroud, for their excellent questions and kind welcome!